it's a celebration.

Today I opened an Etsy shop in order to do all these random things that I want to do. I could easily have sixteen different Etsy shops for all the crap really awesome stuff that runs through my head.

I figured that if I was going to make this Etsy shop as random as I hoped, I should give it a very non-serious and equally random name. I picked Te Amo Wolfman. I'm kind of embarrassed for the reasoning behind it, but that's really the point. So, who is Wolfman and why do I love her? Wolfman is a lady friend I had in high school, and after high school we all kinda parted ways and did our own thing. I happened to make some new friends. Out of my new friends is "Jason", and who is "Jason" dating? Effing Wolfman. I can remember three things about Wolfman. Wolfman used to wear Pulp pinbacks on her shirts to cover Roxy logos, she was pretty loose and she used to shave her face (hence the Wolfman). Am I an insensitive jerk? Probably. But hey, what nineteen year-old isn't insensitive? Te Amo got added to Wolfman on Halloween-ish of the year two thousand and whenever I was nineteen. While at Knott's Scary Farm with my friends there was this guy etching acrylic with whatever text you wanted. It was pretty much shop class in the 7th grade but at a stand at Knott's Berry Farm. As a gift, we got "Jason" a "Te Amo Wolfman" key chain.

After finishing the Te Amo Wolfman story I kind of feel like those times when your friend says something, you don't hear it, your friend says nevermind, you beg them to tell you, and when they tell you it's just a total let down.

Back to the important things with a more hopeful back story this time.

I worked with this guy who wore this feather hair extension to work sometimes. He said his old hair dresser made it on a whim for him. I went to hair school and I'm pretty crafty, so I told him I would make him some. The original versions were kinda awful, but apparently some girl in SF stole them out of his hair one night. I hope it was a compliment. Waiting for the let down? This is what I'll be making for TAW first.

Feel free to feel let down.