I'm so happy that Björk has like a gazillion videos. She was the first (a
nd only) plush I made up until last night when I got a hair you know where. That old one sat on a book shelf for a couple of years collecting dust in her hair, getting manhandled and probably witnessing some weird going-ons. I'd like to think I will make something for all of her videos/looks. I'm most excited about the Bachelorette and Hunter looks since they're my favorites. I absolutely refuse to do Grammy Bjork.

og Björk plushie

In some very unrelated news, sometimes I think Celeste looks like a Morlock from the 2002 version of The Time Machine. I'm sorry that I'm such a jerk, but you'll never read this. I only see the Morlock attributes when she gets her "the mailman is at the door again" look. This is her "I'm busy sniffing this crazy dandelion" look, so it's hard to see.