self improvement is masturbation.

So I've been sewing a lot because I've got some time on my hands. Current projects are graffiti cross stitch, desk rabbits and more bag/tote madness. I gave up on that whole "making bags thing" a couple years ago and I only made them for my sister or my friends, but now that I have successfully moved my fabric collection THREE TIMES (with limited casualties) I HAVE DECIDED TO ACTUALLY USE IT. The Marimekko begs me to use it everyday, I swear. I'm at this point where I feel like if I use it, and I screw the project up, then I will never be able to see it again. See you in 30 years when my home is ceiling-high with cats, fabric and stray pins.

I conquered one project this week that had been bugging me for a couple of years. I bought these Star Wars sheets at an awesome thrift store in Reseda. I actually found an original Star Wars sheet, some sort of remake of the SW original and an E.T. sheet (!!!). I ended up trading them for a spoon necklace with a kid on etsy, but I kept one for myself. I made a couple of bags with it, sold them, and here I am stuck with this sheet STILL. I decided to cut out the death star, fill it with catnip and make a kitty death star. I made a prototype for my friend and he gave it to his kitty, she licked it all over and played with it like a kitty Godzilla um... eating a death star?

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